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Map your company's unique culture
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A data-driven approach to applicant screening

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Reduce time to hire

Reduce Time to Hire

Better screening at the top of your recruiting funnel means less wasted time.

Reduce time to hire

Lower Turnover

Our compatibility scores help companies reduce turnover by as much as 50%.

Reduce time to hire

Improve Performance

Hiring the best culture fits increases individual and team performance.

How It Works

Send a 10 min. survey to 2+ employees
Get back a full culture report
Assess and score applicants for fit

Product Details

Candidate reports that go beyond a résumé, and quantitatively assess culture fit.

  • Generate custom culture reports for each candidate that can be used to focus on the best candidates faster.
  • Understand what drives a candidate's level of fit with your company by focusing on what motivators and values drive successful employees.
  • Evaluate a candidate's areas of strong and weak alignment against top motivators and characteristics exhibited across your team culture profiles.
Pomello Product Image: Candidate Match Profile
  • Compatibility scores provide an overall measure of fit between a candidate and your team. Higher scores predict higher performance, satisfaction, and lower turnover.
  • Compare a candidate's relative values preferences to that of your team profiles, showing how closely aligned the core values are, and where gaps may exist.
  • Detailed motivators and values sections also provide interviewers with actionable information that can help guide fit-based questioning.

Data Visualization

Our models focus on core values and motivators, not personality traits. Values are more stable over time, and are stronger predictors of performance and turnover.

This video shows how you can compare candidates to your team's core values. Aligning values and motivators is critical to high performance.

Easy Setup
No IT Required

Generate your first culture profile in under 1 minute. No credit card required.

Cloud-Based Solution

Pomello runs in the cloud, providing maximum flexibility and reliable access to your account anytime, anywhere.

Strong Privacy & Security

All data is encrypted at time of transmission and securely stored using state-of-the-art technology and best practices.


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I like the interactive graphs a lot. They make it much easier to compare our candidates to the current team culture.


Everyone should use something like this, and Pomello is the best assessment tool out there.


Our teams really enjoyed taking the Pomello survey, and seeing their culture reports.