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We help companies understand how their culture impacts employee performance, engagement, and customer happiness

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Reduce time to hire

Increase Employee Engagement

Improving employee engagement directly impacts your top and bottom line.

Reduce time to hire

Lower Turnover

Our compatibility scores help companies reduce turnover by as much as 50%.

Reduce time to hire

Improve Performance

Aligning individual employee values and motivators predicts performance.

How It Works

Employees take a 10-minute culture survey
You receive custom analytics to benchmark your company culture
Ongoing surveys and data integration provides real-time feedback on your employee experience

Product Details

Employee analytics that go beyond bell curves and quantify their values and motivators.

Generate custom reports for each employee that can be used to focus on the how to improve job satisfaction and performance.

Compare employees to your top performers to identify high potential team members. Employee values and motivators predict employee engagement.

Evaluate an employee's areas of strong and weak alignment against top motivators and characteristics exhibited across your organizational teams.

Pomello Product Image: Candidate Match Profile

Perception scores highlight how well an employee understands their team culture. Higher scores predict higher performance, engagement, and lower turnover.

Compare an employee's relative values preferences to that of your team profiles, showing how closely aligned the core values are, and where gaps may exist.

Detailed motivators and values sections also provide managers with actionable information that can help 1:1 coaching sessions.

Easy Setup

No IT Required

Personalized Onboarding

We provide customized onboarding sessions to ensure you are empowered by our data and analytics.

Cloud-Based Solution

Pomello runs in the cloud, providing maximum flexibility and reliable access to your account anytime, anywhere.

Strong Privacy & Security

All data is encrypted at time of transmission and securely stored using state-of-the-art technology and best practices.


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Leigh @ Dolby

I like the interactive graphs a lot. They make it much easier to compare our candidates to the current team culture.

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Eric @ Cinder

Everyone should use something like this, and Pomello is the best assessment tool out there.

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Hieu @ AlienVault

Our teams really enjoyed taking the Pomello survey, and seeing their culture reports.