Collect. Analyze. Act.

Pomello quantifies culture and is the first of its kind, providing leadership teams with data and insights that drive higher performance and engagement.


Pomello Candidate Fit Assessment

Collect: Online Candidate Fit and Recruiting Assessments

Screen your job applicants with Pomello’s culture and recruiting assessments.

  • Uncover the key values and motivators with our Candidate Fit Assessment before you spend valuable time interviewing.
  • Measure your Candidate Net Promoter Score (NPS) with our Recruiting Assessment to gain additional insight into how individuals feel about their experience as a candidate within your company.
  • Integrate Pomello with your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to make the culture evaluation a streamlined part of your hiring process.
Pomello Values Analysis

Analyze: Compatibility Report and Experience Analytics

Resume data isn’t enough—hiring decisions based only on a person’s skills and experience can be costly. Assess candidates based on company culture alignment to find the best hire for YOUR team.

  • Predict new hire success within your organization and make better hiring decisions based on the Pomello Candidate Compatibility Report.
  • Discover your Candidate NPS with our Candidate Experience Analytics to help you understand a candidate’s experience and how you can be an employer of choice.
Pomello Candidate Compatibility Report

Act: Better Hiring Decisions, Better Candidate Experience

The Pomello Candidate Compatibility Report helps you identify the individuals with the highest-potential, improves recruiting efficiency, and optimizes the candidate experience.

  • Prioritize interview candidates early in the process and bring consistency to the fit interview with the help of the Candidate Compatibility Report.
  • Optimize your Candidate NPS through our Candidate Experience Analytics to increase your offer acceptance rate.
  • Improve the overall candidate experience to strengthen your recruiting brand and attract higher-quality candidates.
  • Increase new hire performance and lower turnover by consistently hiring the best candidates for your company.
Check out our Interactive Demo for how to screen your applicants.